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Prime = Free Shipping and Lower Prices

Kyani presents Prime a new groundbreaking membership service created to reduce your costs.
This is how it works:

● Sign up for a 6-month
Kyani Prime membership.

● Get Free Shipping on all orders that include Prime-approved products.
● Get Lower Prices on all Kyani products.

Free Shipping (for selected products)

Have you ever canceled an order when you saw how much the shipping cost will be? Experience has taught us that the cost of shipping can sometimes be a barrier to online sales. With Kyäni Prime this barrier has been removed. As long as you have a Kyani Prime product in your shopping cart, shipping will be complete free for the entire order!


Lower prices

Improved nutrition intake has never been easier than Kyani Prime! With your Prime membership, you will not only receive FREE shipping on all your Kyani orders, but also lower prices for all Kyani products.

Your 6 month membership of Prime is only costs 369 SEK*. With discounted prices and free shipping, this is paid for itself very fast!

Get your membership in Prime the next time you shop.

*(The examples are in SEK but if you log in to our webshop, you can choose country and language and you will get all information in your currency and language.)

Common Questions

Does any order that includes a Prime product include free shipping? Even if we have multiple orders in a month?

Yes, as long as there is a Prime product in the cart the entire order get’s free shipping.

If someone orders as a Customer with Prime and decides to become a Distributor before the sixth month ends, do they forfeit what they paid as a Customer?

A membership transfer will be pro-rated based on usage and discount applied. If purchasing Prime as a distributor, the pro-rated price will be applied.

Is the 30 day money back guarantee still applicable to Prime product purchases?

Yes, for the products.

Can Customers get a refund on their Prime membership charge before their 6 months end?

No. After 3 business days there is no refund for the 6 months Prime purchase.

Within how many days will I receive an order that contains Prime products?

Usually shipping of 3 – 5 business days.

How do I sign up for Prime?

Go to shop.kyani.net and choose Prime from the banner or the About Prime page.